Achill Literary Heritage Trail

The Achill Literary Heritage Trail is presented by  first year students (aged 12 – 13 yrs)  at Coláiste Pobail Acla, Achill, Co. Mayo. Coláiste Pobail Acla is the second level school at Achill Sound; it opened  in 2011,  following  the amalgamation  of McHale College and Scoil Damhnait. The participating students live in the area stretching from Dooagh to Ballycroy, and including Currane and Mulranny.

The content of the Literary Heritage Trail was developed in two stages. The initial stage was completed in 2012, in response to an invitation in the local media to submit material to Our Irish Heritage.   Many writers and publications are associated with the beautiful part of Mayo served by Coláiste Pobail Acla, and in the area itself there is also a strong tradition of local publication. In 2012, the students focused on this  rich  heritage  to bring you on a literary tour of their home place along with introducing you to some of the people from whom they heard about times past in their area.

The content added in 2014 continued to focus on people and place, and on books and publications associated with the area. Further titles that have become available since 2012  were also added to the  Other Publications Section. 

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Page link: The Students and their Work
The Students and their Work
Coláiste Pobail Acla
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Trail Stop 1
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Trail Stop 2
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Trail Stop 3
Achill Sound
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Trail Stop 4
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Trail Stop 5
Achill Beg
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Trail Stop 6
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Trail Stop 7
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Trail Stop 8
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Trail Stop 9
The Valley, Dooniver and Innisbiggle
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Trail Stop 10
Dugort: The Colony
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Trail Stop 11
Dugort: The Heinrich Boll Cottage
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Trail Stop 12
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Trail Stop 14
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Trail Stop 15
The Greenway, Tonragee
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Trail Stop 16