Project Year 2:

The six statues on Dublin’s O’Connell Street were the inspiration for ‘Moving Statues’. The project was the basis for an exchange of stories between the older residents in the local community and students at Larkin Community College. Working with theatre director, actor and writer Mikel Murfi, the students engaged directly with their local history, uncovering the living stories of the older residents in their area through independent research, drama, storytelling, music and puppet-making.

As part of ‘Moving Statues,’ Localise Caring in the Community worked with first year classes from Larkin Community College, enabling the students to invite senior citizens, carers and members of the wider community to the performance and personally accompany them around the Museum.


"During this project we get to learn about the history of Ireland and we get to work as a team, but the best part is when we get to show off our great work and perform it to the people of Ireland" Student


"The talent and unity in the classroom on Wednesdays is absolutely fabulous and the experience has left me with a very young at heart feeling” Chisler


A number of new partners were involved in this second phase of this partnership-in-education programme. Students from the National College of Art and Design’s Postgraduate Diploma in Education worked with Transition Year students from Larkin Community College in making the puppets for the performance. Pete Casby from Macnas and Helen Lane mentored the groups building the puppets.The National Theatre of Ireland also supported the project through provision of a voice coach to help the students with their voice projection. Poetry Ireland and the Curriculum Development Unit documented the project through video.


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