Local Heroes

This is an inter-generational arts and heritage project between the National Museum of Ireland and Larkin Community College with other partners in education.

Throughout the project, students from Larkin worked with artists and historians/ museum educators and a group of older adults who attend the Lourdes Day Care Centre which is close to the school.

The project has involved puppet-making, storytelling, photography and theatre, in addition to film-making, as ways in which to explore history and heritage.

The three year partnership involved five discrete projects:

  • Crime Scene Investigates story telling workshop
  • Local Heroes photographic exhibition
  • Moving Statues theatre production
  • Online Heritage Trail
  • Heritage Trail App

Further information on each of these projects can be accessed through the above icons.

Over the three years we have learned a lot about working in partnership with a range of agencies, groups and individuals.  Many elements of this project are replicable and have direct links to a number of key strands within the new Junior Cycle curriculum.

Funding for the project came from the Museum, Larkin Community College, National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD's) Creative EngagementPoetry Ireland, the National College of Art and Design and Localise Caring in the Community.