Galway in 30 Objects

A History of Galway in 30 Objects is a collaborative project between Galway City Museum (GCM) and the GMIT Centre for Creative Arts & Media  (GCCAM). GCCAM students, under the direction of Marion McEnroy-Higgins, Lecturer, History of Art & Critical Theory, will produce a series of articles on objects from the collections of the Galway City Museum.  This partnership between GCM and GMIT is part of a GMIT service-learning seminar series entitled Musealisation of Objects: Working with Collections taught by Marion McEnroy-Higgins in partial fulfillment of the students' BA Fine Art & Design degree.  It will be delivered in collaboration with staff of the GCM and NMI who will  give talks, tours, and assist students' research and writing with their extensive knowledge about the collection.  The benefits of the project are manifold. The students will learn about museum curation, education and objects through academic seminars, and working with museum staff.  In turn, Galway City Museum and its visitors will benefit from their output both in the museum and online. This is a pilot service learning initiative with the intention of promoting active education and civic service.

A History of Galway in 30 Objects has been inspired by A History of the World in 100 Objects a collaboration with the British Museum and BBC Radio Four, comprising a 100-part radio series written and presented by Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum.  The radio series, which has since become a best-selling book published by Penguin paperback 2012, tells the story of civilization through objects from the collections of the British Museum. Similarly, in the Weekend Review for the Irish Times, Fintan O'Toole has been writing a column - A History of Ireland in 100 Objects - in which he chooses objects from the collections of the National Museum of Ireland that illuminate aspects of Ireland's past.  This model will prove interesting in a Galwegian context and will hopefully contribute to our present understanding of our past heritage.


MACGREGOR, Neil, A History of the World in 100 Objects. Penguin paperback, 2012.

Over the coming weeks, the 30 objects will be added to this section as they are submitted to the website by the students.

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