Claddagh NS: 80 Years of Words & Pictures

Built as the cottages of the old Claddagh were replaced and Fr. Griffin Road was opened to Salthill, the new St. Nicholas National School began in 1933 as separate Boys' and Girls' Schools.

In a harder Ireland than our pupils of today could imagine, the school day in these early decades was conducted largely through Gaeilge, dark toilets lay down the yard and the dreaded stick was never far from the teacher's hand. Coming to school in whatever clothes they had, the children's learning was dominated by the Catechism, and many relied upon Government-sponsored bread and jam for lunch. Nonetheless, there are happy memories of choirs an confirmations; and there was plenty of room for traditional games like bumpers and marbles … and no small amount of "divilment"!

Seán Leonard, Claddagh National School, May 2013

The following content is taken from Claddagh National School: 80 Years of Words & Pictures, published to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the school.  The book is available from the following Galway bookstores: Charlie Byrne's, Dubray's & Kenny's.

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Clare Dixon
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Paul Flaherty & Marie Fitzgerald
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The Confirmation Class of 1954
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Pat Brennan & JFK
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Claddagh NS Band, 1974