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Hi, My wife is a descendant of John James Louden, a fairly famous barrister-at-law from 1870-1922 when he died. His first son , John O'Brien Louden was born on April 4, 1871, at South Mall Westport, and John James Louden listed his address as Killary House Louisburgh in the birth document. I assume several families lived there in this timeframe??? 

By Rusty Swenson
On 12/01/2017


My wife found those photographs today they went into an obscure part of the page. The picture with William Houstoun is Probably Alfred Boswall Houstoun and his children.  William died in 1872 and Alfred took possession about 1890 I expect he came for shooting and fishing that is probably a July August picture when the children were on holidays. I must fish out a picture of Hugh with his shepherds which I presume is the same vintage.

Sean Cadden

By Mayo Genealogy Group
On 06/07/2016