How to Add Your Story

Text Directions

How to contribute a page to the Our Irish Heritage Website

Step One

First of all go across to the left hand menu and below the word Contribute you will see a button marked register now click on it.

Enter a Username.

Next enter your First name and Last name, as you would wish them to appear on the site.

Then add your email address and click beneath on Register .

Step Two

Next you have two choices – to Add words and photos or to Log out.

Click on Add words and photos.

You are now led through a sequence of screens for creating your own webpage.

First you put in a Title then a Sub title. Your name is automatically added as author but you can change it if you are adding a page for someone else. Click on the Next button.

Then type or paste some words. If you paste some words all previous formatting is stripped out so that all text on the web pages is the same.

Click the Next button to add some photos. You can either use photos on your computer or link to photos that are on another website.

Click Browse to find the picture that you want on your computer Choose it and when its name appears click on Upload this image. When the thumbnail of the picture appears click on it to add a caption and a credit. If required repeat this process for more pictures.

Now Preview your page. Click the Next button or move along the named tabs at the top.

Step Three

The page has now been created for you and you have a choice of 3 layouts. These are located at the top of the page.

No1.  has the images on the right and the text on the left.

No2 . is what you would use for lots of images and very little text. The images are displayed full size below any text that is used.

No3 . is for a photo gallery. The images appear as thumbnails and are displayed in a gallery full size when clicked.

The final Stage

To save the page click on Save. You have 3 choices here:

Save and continue which is what you do in Word to save and continue editing.

Save draft for later which means you are not ready to later to finish it off.

Save and submit means that as far as you are concerned the page is ready for publication in the website.

Once the page is saved you are returned to the welcome page and as far as a contributor is concerned that’s as far as it goes. You can create a page but you cant publish it. The site editor will take care of that and you will be automatically notified by email when your page is up on the website.

You can edit previous contributions by clicking on the My Pages tab at the top. That is the end of being a contributor so now Log out and you will be returned to the Our Irish Heritage home page.

Well Done and thank you for contributing to Our Irish Heritage!

This page was added by Lorna Elms on 30/10/2011.